Google Pixel 2: Official Release Date

Yesterday, Samsung has launched its biggest sensation of the year Galaxy Note 8 which impresses in many ways. Now, its turn of Google to launch its Pixel series smartphone.

Google Pixel 2

First flagship in this series was launched last year on October 4th, so we expected release date of Google Pixel 2 somewhere close to this date and we are absolutely correct. One of the internal source said Google Pixel 2 release date is October 5th, exactly after one day of Pixel release.

Not only Pixel 2 will be released, Google Assistant enable headphones will be launched along with it. The codenamed for these headphone is Bistro and it will offer voice assistant to your ears.

Last year, Google proclaimed that Chromebook Pixel series will not be continued but Brand is launching a new Google Chromebook Pixel as well on this day.

Talking about specs of Google Pixel 2, it includes 836 Snapdragon processor which in little improvement version of SoC 835. Recently presented, Android 8.0 will be there as operating system. 4 GB and 6 GB RAM is there. It is equipped with 5.0 inch display and 12 MP rear cam and 8 MP front cam. These are the few important features of Google Pixel 2.

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